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"At first, we tried to have someone we know update our old website that seemed like a good deal. After 1 year of waiting on this person to complete our website, we decided to have The G&D Group complete it for us. In 2 weeks, The G&D Group completed our website & we are extremely satisfied with it. They guaranteed that this would be done within 1 month & needless to say, they exceeded our expectations!"

Curtis Barton
Venture Pacific Insurance
In affilation with United Agencies
Lake Forest, CA


Generate Leads with a Custom Website

Is your website producing leads?

Does it look professional and make you look a leader in the industry?

It should.

The G&D Group provides custom-made websites for insurance agents and brokers. We understand the industry, we understand the internet and more importantly we understand how to generate leads. With over 25 years of combined industry experience we don’t just promise results we guarantee them!

Don’t let your website just sit there, let it generate leads and convey to your market that you are the leader of choice in the market.

Why get a custom website with the G&D Group:

  1. Reach Unlimited Prospects
    Custom built websites put you in front of an “ocean” of prospects without ever picking up the phone or leaving the office.
  2. Generate Leads 24/7
    Website quote forms give prospects access to personalized quotes 24/7 with the click of a button
  3. Custom Made
    We create custom websites from scratch which give you complete control over the website's look and feel. No templates or boring websites here.
  4. Superior Design
    Our clean, eye-catching design assuresthat you will be looked at as the preferred choice in the market.
  5. Search Engine Optimization
    All of our custom websites are fully optimized for Google, Yahoo, MSN and other leading search engines giving you more exposure and higher rankings in the search engines.
  6. Custom Made for Insurance Agents
    We don’t make websites for car dealers, contractors or lawyers - all our websites are designed specifically for insurance agents following industry best practices.
  7. Affordable
    The G&D Group makes custom, professional websites affordable.
  8. Personalized Consulting
    We provide free website design consultation to help you make better informed decisions about your website and online marketing strategy.

Contact us today for your free consultation:

800-846-7745 ext. 104


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