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“Our agency incorporated telemarketing lead generation into our sales planning some ten years ago. Through the years we have used several firms. We have found G&D to be the most consistent and personalized firm we have ever worked with. What separates G&D from their competitors is their commitment to our agency’s success and the personalized attention we receive. At times in the past, I have felt other firms would work hard at the start of a campaign only to lose momentum. It seemed they were focusing their attentions on new client development rather than our ongoing program. At G&D as time has gone on, the relationship has improved, strengthened and developed in to the trust our agency looks for with our business partners. For professional and personalized service that produces results, I highly recommend G&D.”

-Matt from New York

“My agency was working with another telemarketing firm & due to the significant decrease in activity that we began receiving after awhile, we decided to test the waters with The G&D Group in February of 2006. Since then, The G&D Group has been able to set 15-20 appointments on average each month – which is 2-3 times the activity we were receiving from our previous vendor & we’re back on the fast track. Appointments are back up to speed & the quality of those appt.’s are back to what we expect. One word of caution…you better be prepared to see new prospects & write new business when you sign up with The G&D Group.”

-David from Alabama

“I own an IT Support Services company to help businesses with their “Technology Headaches”!  We do everything from Referrals, Internet Marketing and other new business marketing techniques to help us generate new clients.  Since I started using The G&D Group for E-Mail Marketing, we have grown from 3 employees to 10 within 6 months just to handle all of the new business we’re getting.  Before I used them for E-Mail Marketing, I tried other companies that seemed less expensive and found that the return on investment from The G&D Group is far more substantial than any other firm or E-Mail Marketing program out there!  Due to our growth, we just moved into a bigger office and we look forward to our long-term partnership with The G&D Group.”

-Jeff from California

“It’s taken me 8 years of searching to finally find a firm that not only meets, but exceeds, my needs like The G&D Group. They’ve built us a program to accommodate our specific needs. I can honestly state that what has made them fare high above others is their tailored approach in implementing their programs. Plus, they consult with us on a partnership level and I’m happy to say that I’m investing in additional G&D services. We are writing more business than ever before – all thanks to the fact that everything promised has been delivered.”

-Mike from New York

“Our agency has been working with the professionals at The G&D Group for over 7 years. Since December, our program has exceeded the results of every other program we’ve done with them & we are excited to continuing our relationship with them. Their leads & appointments have proven to be solid, which is tough to find in this industry. The G&D Group has helped us exceed our sales goals for 2006. If you’re looking for a way to boost your sales effort & grow your agency, we highly recommend The G&D Group.”

-Sharron from Florida


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