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Most e-mail marketing systems are set up to fail for salespeople selling to businesses!

Do you sell to business owners & finance executives?

If not, you should use the other E-Mail Marketing systems out there & there is no need to read further below.

If you do sell to business owners & finance executives, then read on!

Are you doing Graphic E-Mail Marketing?

Are you sending out e-mail marketing messages with links or attachments?

If so, STOP!

97%+ of graphic e-mail marketing messages or e-mails with attachments/ links get deleted or automatically go to spam!

The other 3%, if it looks like spam – it gets treated as spam.

The G&D Group will customize an E-mail Letter that looks & sounds like you hand typed it yourself!

Best of all, your prospects will reply back thinking you took your time in hand typing this e-mail yourself & the e-mail reply will go to you.  All e-mail replies you get will be forwarded from you to us & we will update your database set up on our Free on-line CRM system – saving you the time of doing anything besides working the leads/ appointments from E-Mail Marketing we manage for you!

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